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Our office follows a program which simplifies the preparation and submission of insurance claims, thereby holding down the office costs unrelated to the delivery of excellent dental care. With most insurance companies we accept assignment of benefits and, as a courtesy to our patients; the office files the claim for the patient. At the time that we submit your claim we will estimate the payment that the insurance company will send to us.

We ask you only to pay your co-pay amount (the amount that we estimate will be due from you). After the insurance company sends payment if there is any difference from our estimation and the amount that they actually sent, we will bill you or reimburse the difference. We bill our patients on a monthly basis (around the 15th of the month) so you may keep track of your charges and insurance payments.

Most insurance companies refuse to provide dental offices with blank insurance forms. Therefore, we request that you bring a form with your personal and insurance information, filled in at your first appointment. These forms can be obtained from the human resource department at your place of employment.

It must be understood that most insurance companies do not cover all dental costs, and you will sometimes have some balance to pay even on procedures covered at "100%". The reason for this is that insurance companies' method of determining appropriate fees for procedures are not customized to individual offices. Some companies will pay fixed allowances for certain procedures, while others pay a set percentage of their established fee.

Please feel free to discuss any insurance or financial questions with our business manager Stephanie, or our financial advisor Donna.