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Dental Implants provide a revolutionary alternative to bridges, partial and complete dentures. This type of restoration provides a stable foundation that looks, functions, and feels like natural teeth. Dental Implants also preserve the surrounding bone by providing stimulation to the bone similar to that of natural root structure.

Just as a knee can be surgically reconstructed or a hip joint replaced, so too can missing teeth be replaced. A dental implant can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, and stabilize an existing loose-fitting denture. If dentures don't work for you, you may consider dental implants.

Unlike dentures, which can be removed, implants are permanently anchored into the jaw itself.

With implants you'll re-experience the ability to speak, laugh, chew and socialize with the confidence of permanent teeth. There are an infinite number of treatments available to patients and we can help choose the right treatment for you.

Bioscience has fine-tuned the dental implant to allow placement of compatible materials within the bone to anchor one or more teeth. This process eliminates the need for bridges and even dentures. The procedures are ADA approved and the materials are FDA approved.