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Dental Hygienists

Our highly experienced hygienists are here to provide you with quality, preventative dental care. This is the foremost foundation in giving each patient the tools necessary to minimize dental problems for the rest of their lives.

They remove dental deposits from above and below your gums to reduce the chance of having cavities and gum problems. They teach you the latest standards of preventative dental care in brushing and flossing. They also can provide cavity preventative agents such as fluoride and sealants that reduce the chance of cavities and desensitizing agents that make your mouth more comfortable.

Our dental hygienists, who we insist on staying current, must take continuing education classes to provide the latest optimal level of care for our patients, as you would expect. Most of our hygienists now are state-certified to administer both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and local anesthesia to make your experience less anxious if the patient requests.

Our hygienists also help our patients develop and maintain good general health. Among the many things that they may explain could be the relationship between dental plaque and heart problems. The impact of diet on your oral health as to both the types of food you eat and when you do eat them. Informing patients how to select the newest and most appropriate toothbrushes and flossing devices and showing how to use them.

Prevention is the key! We want all of our patients to be co- therapists in reducing the problems that a patient can get into. By having the patient become more involved in their oral health, we have a win-win situation. The patient will have less dental problems, less dental visits and less dental costs.